Manchester Hockey Roos is a Community Service Project with "Enlightened Self-Interest". It is a collaboration between High School and College Coaches in Manchester to:

  • Grow the Sport of Field Hockey
  • Engage Young Students in a Healthy Activity
  • Teach Leadership to Players in our Programs
  • And Build the Feeder Programs for the High Schools. ( the "Enlightened Self-Interest" part)

Hockey Roos Programs are focussed on increasing kids’ exposure to and experience with field hockey at an earlier age beginning in fourth grade. We strive to lower the barriers to participation for these younger players. We do this by:

  • Providing Free Loaner Sticks from the USA Field Hockey FUNdamentals Program.
  • Bringing Coaches into institutions already serving the target audience in complementary ways. Schools, Boys and Girls Club, etc.
  • Offering Evening and Weekend Programs after the High School Practices.
  • All for FREE! (except for the summer camp fundraiser) 

One Thing we really Want to Emphasize:





If You Are a Young Athlete or the Parent of a Young Athlete: 

If You Are a Teacher, Coach or Administrator at a School or other institution for 4th though 8th Graders:

  • Contact us to get a program going in your place of learning. 

If You Are a Former or Current Player or Coach of Field  Hockey or Just Want to Get Involved:

  • Please contact us. In order to serve all corners of Manchester, it takes a big team. Become a part of Hockey Roos.